The second iteration of LC4 workshop emphasizes (a) understanding and studying how contents vary across different domains and genre (b) developing cross-lingual approaches to bridge the gap between languages that have large corpora available and low resource languages and (c) studying interactions in different modalities to better analyse contents and their end applications. The broader goal of this workshop is to address questions such as the following:

  • How does change in domain of data impact the overall generated content and the systems developed?
  • How to efficiently transfer knowledge from one language with abundant supervision information to another language with less or even no data?
  • How to align cross-modal data by using appropriate alignment functions and similarity measurements for better quantifying multimedia content?
  • How to better utilize different languages' data in an optimal way for content analysis?
  • How to develop practical, real-world applications of multi modal data and technologies in low-resource languages?
  • How to employ generative AI in the above contexts to alleviate challenges and introduce new approaches?

    This workshop does not only focus on cross domain, cross lingual, and cross modal research, but also motivates their applications in industry and the wider society by taking a multi-disciplinary approach.